Friday, January 18, 2008

That one Jewish Disney Movie... Oh wait.

1. I am using a late coupon on this, so I am not completely done, but I will still comment on how it is different. I personally like writing fiction more, because it allows me to be more creative, and that is one of my favorite things about writing. As far as the strengths of the genre, I think it is a great avenue to take to describe an event that happened to you. One of the weaknesses of it, at least for me, was that it only has a limited scope as far as the time frame. I wanted to write about a longer period of time than just one event, but it doesn't really work in the personal essay format, so I had to cut it down (which bothered me). It made it harder to tell the story, or to explain how things had gotten to one point, which is one reason why I'm not done yet.

2. Well the role of reading is a very important one because reading other people's writing helps you to 1. improve your vocabulary to use in your own writing, 2. helps you learn new writing styles and hopefully improve your grammar and 3. helps you gain appreciation for writing and developing your ideas into a written work. You can't really skip the reading step or else your writing will be of substantially lower quality. Whether it is because your vocabulary is underdeveloped or your grammar is below average, I think it would hinder your writing. I think that adage is a little fruity, but it might be true. I picture it perhaps more like a sponge. The sponge has to absorb all the water to get itself wet, which is the only reason it is able to clean. Once it has water in it you can squeeze it and use the water inside of it to clean whatever surface you have deemed dirty. So, the writer has to absorb all the information available from reading books, and once they have, they can write their own works. That analogy was freakin' sweet.

3. I think my favorite piece would have to be the Mike Vick play where a gang war ensues because of his detainment in the prison. It got a little ridiculous and, personally, I thought it was a little anti-climactic at the end. However, it was a lot of fun to write and I thought it was fun to read too.

I think the short story unit was probably my favorite, though the poetry unit was fun at times as well. My short story was fun to write, and I had some fun poems also. So I think those would have to be my top 2. But the photostory unit was awesome, I had a lot of fun working on that. I actually saved it and put it on my own computer (after I downloaded photostory) because I liked mine so much, it's just a fun program.


Coke or Pepsi: Pepsi.

Li'l Wayne or Little Debbie: Lil' Mermaid.

McDonald's or Arby's: Arby's. When you're thinkin' Arby's, you can't think about anything else. I'm NOT lovin' it.

Chiptole or Taco Bell: Chipotle and it isn't even close. That's like comparing real food to... not real food. Taco Bell is what food EATS.

American Idol or MTV: Neither. ESPN. BUDUHDUH BUDUHDUH!!!

Buffalo Wings or Florida: Chicken Wings. Buffalo's dont even HAVE wings.

New York City or Los Angeles: Chicago.

Name you like for your future daughter: Shaniqua.

Name you like for your future son: Michael Jordan. Yeah, the whole thing.

What is or what will be the first country you see outside the continent of North America: I think the first continent I went to outside the US of A was when I went to England, even though that isn't a continent, but I have been to Hawai'i, Mexico and Grand Cayman also. This is kind of a stupid question.

Disney movie you would be most likely to watch on your 21st birthday: Space Jam. And I don't even care if Disney made it or not. I watch Space Jam at least once every day, and my 21st birthday will not be any different.

5. I already told you, it's from that one Jewish Disney Movie.

Monday, January 7, 2008

These Blog Titles Are Getting Harder and Harder To Make Fun Of

1. One principle that guides me in life is treating others like you want to be treated. Naturally, I don't always follow it, however it still helps me decide whether I should say something or if I should keep it to myself. Lots of times I will completely ignore this (Especially with my friends, just because that is kind of what we do, we make fun of eachother all the time. It's fun!) but I do think about it often and I do think that it helps me decide whether to say something or not say it. I'm not perfect though, so I do say mean things sometimes, even though it goes against this principle. But I'd rather try to uphold this and fail than just give up and treat people like garbage all the time. It's better this way.

2. Every time I watch the news it seems that more young men and women have died in Iraq, and that is something I hate to see. And whether you are a liberal or a conservative you should not like to see these people dying, and I don't think many do. However, as often as these people are dying and it is being reported and mourned, there is little being done about it. Hindsight is 20/20, and it is clear now that it was a mistake to go there, but that doesn't mean we can just waste billions of dollars a day so our armed forces can die.

3. I suppose I want to accomplish a number of things. On thursday I am doing stand-up at the Cabaret (It's french for talent show) and I am very excited for it, and I want to accomplish having a good performance there. Then, further down the road I hope to achieve my goal of getting an internship with the Minnesota Vikings scouting department. I want to do that for May Term, and it would be extremely fun and entertaining. That is what I want to accomplish. And I guess graduating, though that won't be too hard. I "chope" it won't be too hard.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

My First and Last Play

The stage directions were challenging, and still are. I still am not comfortable, really, with doing them consistently. I feel like it doesn't flow as well, but that is just my personal preference. The unpleasant surprises were thinking about how I would do some things in my play on stage, but a couple of them could have been resolved by starting the conflict, and then pulling the curtains and dimming the lights. However, it was still unfortunate that I had trouble with that, because it felt like it was constricting my creativity, which I've never been a fan of. That is one of the reasons I don't like plays so much, or at least writing them (plays are fun to watch actually), I feel like my creativity can't be utilized completely, like I have to limit it in some ways and enhance it in others. I much prefer to write what I feel, what I find funny or entertaining, not necessarily what I think could be portrayed well on a stage.

However, I have helped write a movie script, provided it is just for fun, and is not particularly well written as far as drama goes, but I truly believe it will be hilarious. I should have some time to film it with my partner in crime over break (after the band tour), so hopefully we can make a lot of progress on it. :)

One personal essay that I have always thought about writing is being colorblind. I have written shorter things about it, but never an essay or a paper or something formal like that. I am, however, working it into my stand-up routine that I'm doing for the Cabaret on January 10th, and my audition is actually today. It is something that, when I was younger, I was extremely uncomfortable with, and I felt strange or weird, and so different from everyone else. It seems like before middle school or high school, everyone wants to be the same, and no matter how hard I tried I couldn't change that about me, and it bothered me for a long time. The way it was... exposed, also bothered me too. Usually, my Mom would tell all my teachers that I was colorblind, that way I didn't have to answer any questions that I might not know. However, we forgot to tell my 4th grade teacher, Mr. Beverage, and one day during History he asked me a question about different altitudes, or something, on a graph. The graph was color-coded (naturally), with red meaning lower or green meaning higher (or so I was told later). Naturally, I had no idea what to say, and I could only say either "I don't know" and end up looking like I wasn't paying attention, or tell him I was colorblind. I chose the latter. Luckily, recess was right after History, so everyone was asking me what color their shirt was, what color their pants were, what color the grass was and if the sky looked blue. One kid (who shall remain nameless) even asked me if I was colorblind like his dog, hahahah. That's definately my favorite one. Anyways, if you want to hear my stand-up about that, you'll just have to come to the cabaret. However, to finish this up, I have changed a lot since 4th grade. Being colorblind does not bother me in the least, as you can tell from me using it in a stand-up routine, and I make jokes about it all the time. It is fun to think, write and talk about now, so I could definately see myself writing a personal essay about being colorblind. But the stand-up will be tons funnier. ;)

Well, as I referred too in the answer to the second question, I would have to say that (to a 10 year old), you should do your best to be original. Everyone wants to be the same in elementary school, but how boring would that be? As you get older, you will realize you are original, and not try to be the same as everyone else. I would definately suggest that, because it makes life more interesting, and makes you, as a person, more interesting. Just about everyone I know has embraced this, which makes me think it is more than common, but it is a transition that I think everyone should make.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Luigi Pirandello says this blog will never die!!

1. It can be very important, but sometimes it might not be as important. In some cases, adding a theme can be extremely important because it would add more meaning and depth to what you are writing. One instance might be a short story, because usually they are fictional, or only slightly based off of real life. So, if there is an important theme or message that the reader picks up on (or is supposed to pick up on) throughout the story, it makes the short story more important, easier to read and the reader will generally feel better after they've read it. Personally, I don't care too much for finding or creating an important theme. Usually, I just go for comedy and try to make the reader laugh, or my audience laugh. That means on occasion my writing isn't as strong as it could be, but it accomplishes what I want it to, and that's really all I care.

2. I suppose writing about an ageless conflict or ageless human problem would be a good start if you wanted to have your writing preserved for hundreds or even thousands of years. However, I'm not entirely sure what that would be. Perhaps, love (like in Romeo and Juliet) mixed with great tragedy, because both of those will always be involved in human life. I don't really have any passion to write something like that, so, it is hard for me to think of possible topics that would be preserved for a long time or revered for years. Personally, I don't see myself writing something that lasts that long or is ever that popular. I envision myself going into an occupation in the NFL and maybe doing stand-up on the side, so I really don't think I will be writing to support myself or to attempt to get something of that caliber published in my lifetime.

3. That is an interesting question, and I would have to say I'd like to use my comedy and my humor to help make people happier around me. I don't think I will run for President, I don't think I will be a Senator, but I think I will always be funny and I will always be smart. So, I can use both those traits to my advantage to make my humor more interesting and entertaining. I don't know if I could accomplish that with my writing as well as I might be able to if I was speaking it, but I suppose I could. It wouldn't be quite as funny, but I'd hope that it would still make the world around me happier or help my audience laugh for a while, because that is what I love to do.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Apparently "Thinks" Is A Word

1. Something in my world that concerns me is global warming and our overall lack of concern about our environment. Global warming is happening and in my opinion it is man caused. The Earth is changing and it will directly affect everyone on this Earth if we don't do something to at least slow it down. I honestly don't know what I would do to try to improve the situation, but I am not paid or expected to, there are lots of people who are. But ignoring this problem or attributing it to a natural cycle of nature (which is about the dumbest thing I've ever heard) will only hurt this country and the world in the long run.

2. This might not be the exact point of this question, but I am having trouble thinking of an example. So, my example is Chad Johnson, who is a wide reciever for the Cincinnati Bengals. Not only is he a very good WR, but he is very talkative and funny. He does a bunch of end zone celebrations, and often draws fines for using "props" once he gets to the end zone. I don't know if this is the right word, but he seems flamboyant even, and is very animated all the time. He is creative and I find him funny, so that is why I think he is dynamic.

3. I think movies are the form of art that have inspired me. I don't know if there is a specific film that I have watched that inspired me, but I love making movies for classes in school and even just for fun (The Michael Vick Musical for instance). That inspires me to be creative and try to get the audience to laugh, because usually that is the goal when I make a movie with my friends. So, you have to think creatively and try to percieve things from the audience's point of view to make sure it will be funny and have it's desired effect.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

What Makes Tom Happy

1. Happiness is found in small things, the everyday things. Happiness is when your favorite football team wins, happiness is getting something in the mail you actually want to read, happiness is a joke that you found really funny. Happiness is in everything, you just have to have the right attitude to enjoy it.

2. I'd have to say the Falcons are one of my greatest sources of happiness, the Chicago Bulls too. Even in a down season (for both thus far... :( ) I still love watching them play and maybe love it even more when they win because of the circumstances. But I think happiness for me specifically involves making a good joke with one of my impressions, or just making people laugh in general. That, aside from my passion for sports. Some things that make me happy that don't make other people happy are the NFL Draft and making Mock Drafts, or predictions of how you think the draft will unfold. I love doing this as much as anything I have ever done, and I don't think it is common in the High School to like that so much, haha. Those are my original things, but I love just hanging out with friends playing video games, eating pizza. It is so much fun, especially since I don't see a lot of my friends in classes I have this year.

3. Well, the Falcons and Bulls players influence my happiness. But my friends all influence my happiness by laughing at my jokes or saying hello to me in the halls, or just talking to me and asking me where I've been (like when I was sick). My Mom can influence my happiness also, and so can my dog, Ben. When I'm waking up in the morning Ben will come in wagging his tail (and he wags it so hard and his tail is so big that he knocks things off my desk and bedside table) and he will jump up on my bed and lick me on the face, making sure I wake up.

4. I impact Sarah and Tyler's happiness every day during third hour, and I help make all of my friends happier by making jokes and being funny. I can cheer my family up (not just my Mom, Dad and sister, my whole family) with my Bush impression and jokes that go along with it. I think my humor makes a lot of people happy. I think everyone has that opportunity though, just being nice or talking to someone you don't usually talk to can make their day. Telling a joke or sitting next to them, it can be the difference between a boring and normal day and a fun day they might actually tell their parents about.

5. My greatest need is to continue to foster my passion for the NFL and NBA through mock drafts or watching the games. I have a dream to work in the NFL one day, maybe as the General Manager of a franchise, and if I continue to work and feed that passion I certainly think I can achieve that goal, as lofty as it is. That is my need, it is a strange need, but after reading my other blogs what else could you possibly expect?

Thursday, November 1, 2007

1st Quarter Writeup

1. I really enjoyed the poetry unit. I was a little bit surprised by this, because I thought that I would enjoy the short story unit much more than the poetry unit. However, the poetry was definately fun, and I really enjoyed putting together poems for the poetry packet. It was fun being able to rhyme and think of creative ways to say things, but in less words than in a story or essay. It is more challenging but at times much more fun.

2. I think my strongest piece of writing was the poetry packet. My short stories were pretty good, but I would have aced my poetry packet had I not forgotten the rubric. My poems were about a bunch of things. One was a parody of the song "Because I Got High" that I re-wrote to make fun of Mike Vick for testing positive for marijuana just months before he would be sentanced. Another one was about me missing my dog, Heidi, that was the one I read at the DeCafe. There were a wide range of topics, but they were all so much fun to write and read.

3. I can pretty much write whenever I want to. I am very creative so I don't need a lot of preparation or pre-writing brainstorming to begin writing. The second I think of an idea I just start writing, and the ideas just flow out of me, and I write them down as I go. For that reason, I don't really like structure or direction. Because sometimes I have a really random idea that I'd like to pursue, but if the idea falls outside of what is required, then my idea will go to waste. After I start coming up with ideas it can be hard for me to just start over, because I will still want to pursue the other ones. That is when I can run into writers block.

4. Well, I am already pursuing an interest in movie making. As my friend, Ryan, has written in his Art of Film blog, Ryan and I have begun filming for a movie we like to call "The Michael Vick Musical", and will be continuing work on it this weekend. So, naturally I am interested in movie making and script writing, because I am already doing it and have already done a large amount of it. Aside from that, I also love writing non-fiction write-ups about the Falcons. Like making Mock Drafts for what I think they should do or what I would like to see them do with their selections in the NFL Draft. I have really enjoyed our 1st quarter, but aside from those 2 topics there is nothing that I am dying to pursue an interest in.